Managed Care Partnerships

The Manatee Physician Hospital Organization (PHO), formed in 1994, is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Florida. The purpose of the PHO is to secure mutually beneficial contracts and to form successful relationships with managed care organizations. The PHO operates under a "Messenger Model" for managed care contracting.

Through the PHO, the hospital and physicians work together to help ensure a compassionate, cost-conscious and consistent system of delivering managed care and the provision of healthcare services to the patients of Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

About Us

Manatee Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) is governed by a Board of Directors that includes physician and hospital directors. In addition, the Board has established a Contract Review Committee that is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding approval or rejection of contracts.

The Contract Review Committee is in charge of the review of non-financial terms (contractual language, carve-out arrangements, administrative policies and procedures) as well as contracting strategy for potential and existing PHO contracts and amendments.

Manatee PHO Board and Contract Review Committee

PHO Contracts

The PHO values the contractual relationships it has developed with participating payer organizations. By contracting with medical staff via the Master Participating Agreement, the PHO is able to offer payers, via the messenger process, an extensive network of credentialed providers, and offer participating physicians a simplified contracting process.

Additional agreements are constantly being explored. Each physician who chooses to use the PHO may elect to work with any or all of these payer agreements or to establish their own independent agreements.

Manatee PHO Contract Summary

Provider Relations Contacts

Contract Summary Sheets will be emailed to you. Overviews of each of the 10 existing payer agreements (includes special contract provisions, reimbursement, claim submission and term provisions) are available by email. To obtain the Contract Summary Rate Sheets, email Jim Puckett​ who will email them directly to you.