A Simplified Contracting Process

In addition to serving as the primary contracting vehicle for the medical staff of Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, the PHO has evolved to encompass delegated credentialing,* education/managed care in-services, streamlined payer policies and procedures, as well as group purchasing opportunities.

Your Managed Care Resource

The PHO simplifies the contracting process and reduces the cost associated with it. New medical staff have timely access to managed care contracts.

Messenger Model PHO

The PHO negotiates the non-economic terms of payer agreements on behalf of its members. The Messenger Model process allows for member choice in terms of participation in payer agreements. It offers access to any of the 10 current PHO payer contracts.

Credentialing Made Easy

As a member of the PHO, the time and resources involved with credentialing with managed care companies will be significantly reduced.

  • The PHO shares a common application with Manatee Memorial and Lakewood Ranch medical staff.
  • It responds to all requests for credentialing and recredentialing information.
  • Participating physicians receive one request every three years for updated credentialing vs. individual requests from each payer.

*The Humana and MultipPlan/PHCS agreements do not include delegated credentialing.

The PHO is a Liaison

It assists its members in the resolution of payer compliance and claim issues.

Provides Tools

To effectively manage payer agreements, the PHO provides this website and payer reference sheets to physicians.

Educational Opportunities

The PHO offers Luncheon Learns and in-service training to its members and their staffs.