For Admission and Discharge

The virtual nurse (VN) assists your bedside nurse by handling part of our two most important processes: admission and discharge. Our VN is licensed and certified to take care of you just like your nurse at the bedside. This is a real person interacting with you on a mobile device.

Please Note: This program is currently only being used in our Cardiac Unit. It will eventually be rolled out to other units within the hospital.

What Can I Expect to Happen?

The team on the Cardiac Unit will let you know if you will be part of this new process and they will also make sure the proper equipment is brought to your room and removed when finished. We will be using an iPad® attached to a mobile cart that will be wheeled in and out of your room when needed. You will be talking to and seeing a nurse that is not located on the unit but at another location in the hospital.

The Virtual Nurse will go through a series of questions with you regarding either your admission or discharge. For admission, the VN will ask about your medications, allergies, medical history and your needs for discharge. To prepare for discharge, your VN will discuss your diagnosis and care at home. They will also review discharge instructions, follow-up appointments, new and existing medications and side effects, and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

What if I am Unsure of Technology?

Our team will ensure the equipment is set up properly and will walk you through the process. We will also be present during your meeting with the VN in case you have any technical questions or issues.