Meet Some of Our Nurses

If you're considering a nursing career at Manatee Memorial Hospital, meeting some of our nurses from a variety of departments, to get a feel for our overall approach to teamwork and nursing care.

Katie Powers, RN, IBCLC, Clinical Leader, Family BirthPlace/MOMM's Place

Katie Powers, RN,  IBCLC, Clinical Leader, Family BirthPlace/MOMM’s Place

Katie Powers decided to become a nurse after her own experience with pregnancy and birth affected her "profoundly. The childbirth educator that prepared me and my husband was amazing. It was such a gift and made such a difference to be educated prior to giving birth. I found I had so many questions after I had my baby. Seeking answers was confusing and created anxiety for me. I wanted to be able to help other mothers during the transition to motherhood," which she is able to do as a nurse at Family BirthPlace and MOMM's Place.

"I was always taught by my own mother that if a certification is available you should do what it takes to be the best. I became a certified childbirth educator in 1976 and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 1990, just five years after the certification began."

Regarding working at Manatee Memorial, Katie says, "MMH is the best. My directors have always been [insightful] and willing to go with new and innovative ideas. I feel supported by management and I love my MMH family. I have been here since 1983." The patients and her coworkers are Katie's favorite part of her job. "Also, the sense that I am making a difference in both my patients' lives and my coworkers'.

"I am a widow who was surrounded by my loving and kind co workers during the time that my husband was sick and died. I will always remember their support. I love being a nurse. We are so diverse and yet we have the skills we need to go from maternal child health to taking care of athletes who have run a marathon."

Jody Rain, RN, BSN, CEN, Director of Emergency Services

Jody Rain, RN BSN CEN – Director of Emergency Services

Jody Rain, director of Emergency Services at Manatee Memorial Hospital, has been working at the hospital for over 10 years. "I chose to come to this hospital for career advancement and opportunities to help with my own personal growth and development." The people are what she loves most about working at the hospital. "From the staff to the volunteers to the patients to the housekeepers, everyone here is happy to be here and I love making them happy if they are not. My staff makes my job the best job I have ever had. I cannot ask for a better team and I enjoy being able to work alongside some of the smartest, funniest, most loyal people I know. I love that this hospital always wants to make improvements. Whether with patient care, paint, service lines or food, this hospital continues to look for opportunities to make the patient experience the best. I love being a part of that."

Why should you consider nursing at Manatee Memorial? "There is so much collaboration amongst the departments. We work as a team and support one another through easy days and rough days. The comradely and respect that each employee gives to one another is admirable and appreciated every day," Jody says.

"I chose to work in the medical field when I was 8 years old and was in the hospital for an extended amount of time for a broken leg. I remember how the nurses and the staff made me feel comfortable and safe, even when my parents were not there.  I knew at that time that it was meant for me to do the same." Married with four daughters, Jody says, "I have been a nurse for over 17 years and I have never regretted one minute of it."

Ashley Dell, RN, Center for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

Ashley Dell, RN, Center for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

Ashley Dell began her career as a graduate nurse and is now a charge nurse at the Center for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery. Ashley chose to become a nurse after her daughter was hospitalized as an infant and kept alive at All Children's Hospital "by an amazing team of nurses, support staff and physicians. Nursing gives me the opportunity to assist not only patients but their families in times of need. I also enjoy encouraging and lifting patient's spirits," she says. She has worked at Manatee Memorial for six years, and has "called Manatee County my home my entire life. My oldest daughter was born at Manatee Memorial."

She continues, "my job has given me the ability to trust my instincts. I have become a strong, independent and confident individual. I enjoy watching patients improve not only physically but mentally. Working on the orthopedic unit gives me the opportunity to watch patients come in for joint replacements and walk out with a stronger ability to move and remain active. I enjoy working with physical therapy, PACU and all supportive staff in the hospital. I consider my [orthopedic] unit my second home. I feel comfortable and safe in my environment and with my team members." 

Ashley cites unity with coworkers, the opportunity to grow as an individual and learn a multitude of skills as reasons why people should consider a nursing career at Manatee Memorial.

Shannon Faulkner, RN, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center

Shannon Faulkner, RN, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center

A nurse in Manatee Memorial's Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center, Shannon Faulkner chose to go into nursing because "I really do love people. I know it sounds cliché, but I love the difference in them: the different cultures, personalities, and similarities that we all share. So, it only made sense to me to choose nursing as a career. I love that it is challenging, different every day, and seeing the contrast they make from the time they come to me to the time they are being wheeled out the door saying goodbye to me. I really love it when they say, 'thank you, I was really scared, and you made me feel so comfortable and helped me through my recovery.'"

Shannon chose Manatee Memorial as her professional home when she did her clinicals there. She says,"I knew right away that this is a place that I can be proud of. The nurses always conducted themselves in a professional, caring way, they were always so friendly, and I never saw nurses take shortcuts or do things inappropriately. I got hired by the best manager any employee could ever have, Glenda Johnson, and was lucky enough to learn a specialty so fast right out of school. I have never been so happy and grateful in my life! I have not been at Manatee very long; only eight months, but it has been great so far. This is the place that I would love to stay and grow. My goals are to move up the learning bracket and go to ICU or CVICU. I love the way we are encouraged to learn more with all the in services that they provide every week. I love the reputation that this hospital has. And, I love the way I feel coming to and from work; the pride I have working for this hospital. I do not want to work anywhere else. I thank Manatee Memorial for the opportunity that I have been provided to make them proud of me as well!"

Ingrid Forbes, RN, Cardiac Step Down

Ingrid Forbes, RN

Ingrid Forbes has been a nurse for 20 years, and has been working at Manatee Memorial for 13 years. She says, "I love nursing, love taking care of and talking to people. I also love the human body and how it works. In nursing, you learn so much about the body. I did not choose Manatee to work. I wanted to work at a hospital in Florida and was placed at Manatee. I am happy I was placed here."

She continues, "my coworkers are like an extended family. We look out for each other, and our work environment is light and not stressed as the job itself is. I would recommend my unit as place to work. I really like this hospital because our senior management make themselves seen, our CNO knows everyone's name, and that is very impressive. Our CEO stops by ever so often to talk with you."