Manatee Memorial Hospital Awarded Transcatheter Valve Certification by the American College of Cardiology

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Manatee Memorial Hospital Awarded Transcatheter Valve Certification From the American College of Cardiology

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has recognized Manatee Memorial Hospital for its demonstrated expertise and commitment in treating patients receiving transcatheter valve repair (TAVR) and replacement procedures. The hospital was awarded Transcatheter Valve Certification in February 2021 – the first hospital in Manatee County – based on evaluation of the staff’s ability to meet standards for multidisciplinary teams, formalized training, shared decision-making and registry performance.

The ACC’s Transcatheter Valve Certification is an external review and certification process that pairs with established national clinical databases to monitor patient safety and real-world outcomes related to transcatheter valve therapies. Participation in established national clinical databases such as the STS/ACC TVT Registry is required for hospitals interested in achieving Transcatheter Valve Certification.

"Manatee Memorial Hospital has demonstrated its commitment to providing Manatee County and surrounding communities with excellent heart care," said Phillip D. Levy, MD, FACC, Chair of the ACC Accreditation Management Board. "ACC Accreditation Services is proud to award Manatee Memorial Hospital with Transcatheter Valve Certification."

The certification uses established national clinical measures to support clinical decisions and links process improvement to patient outcomes. Hospitals that achieve Transcatheter Valve Certification learn best practices for implementing evidence-based medicine to support patient-centered decision making and can track key performance metrics to better identify opportunities for improvement.

"Manatee Memorial Hospital is honored to be the first hospital in Manatee County to receive the Transcatheter Valve Certification from ACC," said Kevin DiLallo, CEO of Manatee Memorial Hospital. "Our Structural Heart Program team of physicians, nurse practitioners, program coordinators and navigators, offer a new hope to many patients who have aortic valve stenosis and are at high or extreme risk for open-heart surgery with the TAVR procedure. This national certification recognizes this team for their outstanding patient care."

The ACC offers U.S. and international hospitals like Manatee Memorial Hospital access to a comprehensive suite of cardiac accreditation services designed to optimize patient outcomes and improve hospital financial performance.