Mammograms are important and can help save lives. Knowing what to expect will make your experience less stressful. The Breast Care Center now offers SmartCurve™ breast stabilization that is designed to deliver a more comfortable mammogram, without compromising image quality.

Review these tips for preparing for your next mammogram at our Breast Care Center:

  • It's best to schedule your mammogram for 7-10 days after menstruation begins.
  • Bring your previous mammogram films or request they be sent to the Manatee Memorial Breast Care Center so they can be compared to the new ones.
  • On the day of your mammogram, do not wear deodorant or powder on your breasts or in the underarm area. Such substances can cause artifacts on the image, making it necessary to repeat the mammogram.
  • Before the test, you will be asked to change into a special gown just for our Breast Care patients in a private dressing room. Your clothing and personal items can be placed into a bag that we provide.
  • The technologist will take you to an exam room and explain what films will be needed. They must compress your breasts to visualize the internal structures properly. They will be using the SmartCurve breast stabilization that is designed to deliver a more comfortable mammogram.
  • After the test, you will return to the dressing room. Your results will be read by our radiologists and you will receive results from your physician. 

Don't forget to return to the Manatee Memorial Breast Care Center for your next high-resolution 3D Mammography so your new images can be compared more quickly and accurately to your previous ones.

To make an appointment at the Breast Care Center, contact us at 941-745-7391.

Nurse Navigator is Here To Help

An Oncology Nurse Navigator is on call to offer you and your family personalized assistance from the moment you call or visit. Our Oncology Nurse Navigator helps schedule tests for patients and can help guide them and their families through healthcare decisions.

Jenny BrownFor more information or to make an appointment, call our Oncology Nurse Navigator, Jennifer B. Brown, RN, BSN, OCN at 941-708-8330.