Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30 each year. Residents need to be prepared during these months for storms.

Manatee Memorial Hospital management and staff works closely with the Manatee County Emergency Management and other agencies and healthcare providers to address the health needs of the community during and after a hurricane. A hospital command center is activated when an approaching hurricane merits such activation. Once activated, the hospital command center will be maintained by administrative and medical staff throughout the duration of the hurricane. The hospital may cancel all elective surgeries and discharge as many non-critical patients as possible before a hurricane is expected to make landfall.

Manatee Memorial Hospital is not a designated community, medical or special needs shelter. The hospital is located in a flood area. Residents should identify the evacuation shelters closest to their homes. Residents with special or medical needs must identify designated shelters. For more information please visit the Manatee County website. You can also visit Florida's Southwest Red Cross Chapter website.

Hurricane infrastructure of Manatee Memorial Hospital includes:

  • Main hospital consists of concrete block and steel and has been updated with hurricane window shields, which can withstand 200 mph winds.
  • The patient tower is made of concrete block and steel sheeting that will withstand 155 mph winds.
  • The windows are made of hurricane impact glass and are 2 ½ inches thick and will withstand 200 mph winds.