LIV Breast Self-Exam Aid

Gift for New WE Members

At Manatee Memorial Hospital, we understand that breast cancer education and awareness are important tools in outcomes and survival rates among women who have breast cancer. That's why we are dedicated to helping to educate women about breast health, and providing access to the tools and resources that can result in early diagnosis and intervention. We encourage WE members to be actively engaged in breast cancer prevention and detection.

WE members will receive educational information on breast health and breast cancer and a LIV breast self-examination aid in the mail as a special gift from us. The LIV aid is designed to help women perform more accurate self-examinations by helping them become aware of what is normal for their breast tissue so they can better identify abnormal changes. The LIV molds to the skin and provides a smooth surface for the fingers to glide over the breast tissue, enhancing a woman's ability to detect lumps in her breasts.

Try the “Salt Test” First

For a quick demonstration of how LIV works, sprinkle a few pieces of salt on a table. First, feel the salt with your bare fingertips. Now, place the LIV over the salt and touch the salt again. Notice the difference? This exercise is the perfect example of how the LIV enhances even the smallest lump. Now you’re ready to try LIV out on yourself. It’s important to examine your breasts around the same day every month. If you’re menstruating, the best time for your self-exam is two to four days after your period has ended.

LIV Instructions

Look into the mirror with your arms at your sides. Do you notice any change in the shape? Any swelling? Do you notice any skin changes such as dimpling or puckering or an “orange peel” look to your skin? Next, look again for any changes with your arms held over your head. Does it look normal for you?

Now lay down to flatten out your breast tissue. It is best to place a small pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right arm behind your head so that you can easily examine the area under your armpit. Place the LIV over the area of the breast tissue you want to examine first. Glide your fingers over the LIV in a circular motion, pushing down slightly.

Once you examine the entire area that is covered by the LIV, move the LIV to the next area. It is important to examine the entire breast area. Repeat the entire exam three times, increasing the pressure each time. Repeat the same steps to examine your left breast.

Download a copy of the LIV Breast Self Examination Instructions and Guidelines >

The LIV self-examination aid is not a replacement for normal clinical breast exams and mammograms. We strongly encourage our members over the age of 40 to get yearly mammograms and be proactive in their breast health. If you do notice any changes or lumps while using the LIV self-examination aid, speak with your physician immediately.

Early detection of the signs and symptoms of possible breast cancer is the cornerstone of accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and increased survival rates.

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