Meet the Physician Leaders at Manatee Healthcare System

These highly qualified, capable and caring physicians are leaders for the medical staff. They provide counsel and education for staff members, as well as experienced care for the residents of our community.

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Dr. Sudbury
Aaron Sudbury, MD
Chief of Staff

Dr. Lamar
Daniel Lamar, MD
Vice Chief of Staff

Dr. Bunch
Gary Bunch, MD
Chief of Surgery

Dr. Prasad
Vinod Prasad, MD
Chief of Medicine

Dr. Wasserman
Jeffrey Wasserman, MD
Chief of Clinical Services

Dr. McCullen
Jennifer McCullen, MD

Dr. Frias
Federico Frias, MD

Dr. Aranibar
Richard Aranibar, MD
Past Chief of Staff

Dr. Okuhara
Jason Okuhara, DO
Member at Large

Dr. Skidmore
Anthony Skidmore, DO
Member at Large

Dr. Grice
Josette Grice, MD
Credentials Committee Chair


 Manatee Memorial Hospital

Alessandro Golino, MD
Chief of Staff

John Peters, DO
Vice Chief of Staff

Stacey South, MD
Chief of Surgery

Ralph Gonzalez, MD
Chief of Medicine

Dr. Rawe
Teresa Rawe, DO
Chief of Clinical Services

Brian Hoban, MD

Alan Miller, MD

Waguih El Masry, MD
Immediate Past Chief of Staff

Daniel Celaya, MD
Member at Large

Jeffrey Rothfield, MD
Member at Large

Vishal Sharma, MD
Member at Large

G. Austin Hill, MD
Credentials Chairman

With limited exceptions, physicians are not agents or employees of Manatee Healthcare System.