GME Salaries and Benefits

House staff will receive the following benefits, subject to the same conditions applicable to hospital exempt employees and the terms and conditions of the hospital's current benefit plans and/or policies. The benefits listed below may be unilaterally modified by the hospital from time to time:

Salary and Benefits: Paid every two weeks (26 pay periods per year), effective AY 2015/2016.

  • OGME 1 $44,000, Vacation/Personal Leave: 20 Days, Annual CME Stipend: $1,000, Paid CME 5 days
  • OGME 2 $45,500, Vacation/Personal Leave: 20 Days, Annual CME Stipend: $1,000, Paid CME 5 days
  • OGME 3 $47,000, Vacation/Personal Leave: 20 Days, Annual CME Stipend: $2,500, Paid CME 5 days

Health Insurance: The hospital will provide comprehensive health insurance to the house staff and their family through the UHS Flexible Benefits Program applicable to hospital employees (including choice of a PPO or HMO plan). Coverage shall begin on the 31st day of employment.

Dental Insurance: The hospital offers a choice of two dental plans; a $1,000 or $1,500 annual coverage amount, including some orthodontic coverage, for a reasonable premium price.

Vision Insurance: The hospital offers coverage, which includes annual vision examination, glasses and contacts for reasonable premium, co-payments, and deductibles.

Long-Term Disability Insurance: Members of the house staff are eligible for Long-Term Disability when they become seriously ill or otherwise disabled (non-occupational). LTD provides monthly disability benefits equivalent to 60% of base pay with a maximum of $10,000 monthly. House staff may choose between 90 day and a 180 day waiting period for benefit payments, with premium costs dependent on the selection.

Life Insurance: The hospital will provide coverage in the amount of 1X annual salary at no cost. House staff may opt for additional amounts up to 4x annual salary with a maximum of 500,000. Dependent life insurance is also available at group rates.

Worker's Compensation: The hospital will provide Worker's Compensation Insurance to house staff, at no cost.

Paid Leave: House staff are allowed 20 PTO days total per year at 100% prorated paid stipend (and accrued on a worked hour's basis). Additional days will be granted (up to 5) for CME time. PTO is defined as time off for a vacation, professional or illness. PTO is not cumulative from year to year and requires the Program Director's and DME's approval. Unused PTO will not be paid out at the academic year.

Unpaid Leave: Other medical or personal unpaid leave may be granted with the approval of the Program Director, consistent with the American Osteopathic Association's regulations, as applicable, only after the house staff has exhausted all of their PTO benefits. Makeup time and/or repeat of training will be determined by the Program Director.

Disability: The hospital, by written notice to the house staff, may terminate this agreement during the incapacity of the house staff due to illness or injury, at the time after the continuation of such incapacity for more than sixty (60) days, or upon exhaustion of any leave to which the house staff is entitled during such incapacity.

Professional Liability Insurance: The hospital agrees to provide professional liability insurance coverage for the house staff for the duration of their training. Such coverage will provide legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed during or after the completion of the program, if, and only if, the alleged acts or omissions of the house staff are within the scope of the program. The coverage provided will be consistent with the hospital's professional liability coverage provided to other residents. An extended reporting period, i.e., tail coverage, will be provided by hospital as needed.

Lab Coat & Scrubs: Two personalized lab coats will be provided. Scrubs are also provided by the hospital for OB/GYN, Surgery and Emergency Department Rotations.

Licensing, Registration, Professional Fees: The following are covered: Fees for Florida training licensing, AOA membership and any required program-specific membership fees.

Educational Fees: COMLEX 3 fees are reimbursable via the educational stipend. GME office has the authority to approve or decline reimbursement of expenses. The educational stipend is as follows:

  • Traditional Rotating Interns: $1,000/year
  • Family Medicine Residents: $1,000/year 1;$1,000/year 2;$2,500/year 3
  • Internal Medicine Residents: $1,500/year 1;$1,000/year 2;$2,500/year 3

Meals: A meal allowance is provided.

Cell phone: A stipend is provided for work-related use of your personal cell phone.

Pagers: Pagers will be provided to all house staff.

UHS Stock Purchase Plan: Members of the house staff are eligible to purchase Universal Health Services stock at a 10% discount of the current market price through payroll deductions from the 31st day of employment.

401K: House staff is eligible to participate in a 401K tax deferred investment plan for retirement from the 31st day of employment.

Flexible Spending Account: Members of the house staff are eligible to contribute to a pretax healthcare Flexible Spending Account after 30 days of employment.

Hospital Discount: Medical expense discounts will be given for both impatient and outpatient medical services at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical center (Manatee Healthcare System).

The MMH Graduate Medical Education program was approved by the AOA in November 2010, for 12 interns/residents in Internal Medicine and 12 interns/residents in Family Medicine.
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